Can't Wait For The Summer

by The Margie Trick

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6 great rock and roll songs.


released March 9, 2014

all songs written by Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith - vocals, guitar
Doug Mervine - bass, vocals
Paul Konkus - drums
Jim Munster - guitar, vocals
Bob Houston - guitar, vocals



all rights reserved


The Margie Trick Pottsville, Pennsylvania

The Margie Trick is a rock and roll band from Pottsville, PA. The music is a collage of sounds inspired by artists such as The Velvet Underground, Robert Pollard, CSN&Y, and The Who. The songs play with your senses and stick with you for days much like the smell of barroom smoke, alcohol and stale perfume from a great Saturday. ... more

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Track Name: Bottom of 9
By Jerry Smith

I strive for dry eyes
Down the crooked path of high winds
Sharp trees blur my sight
But I still keep on climbing
Passion takes its toll
As I stroll
By your house and the bedroom shade’s down
Two shadows practice wrestling holds
I keep telling myself that
The wind stings my face so hard
I can’t wait for the sun
I can’t wait for the summer
It brings out the best in the girls
There’s more to see at the beach
Hit right between the eyes
Where’s my facemask
Get me some pads and some metal
There’s two on
And I’ve got a hot stick
Tell me
Do you want to put this game away or not?
Track Name: Junkyard Girls
By Jerry Smith

You better call the crows to pick up their bars
‘Cause she’s stuck inside
The smallest room
Where the witches brew
Makes the grin get wide

A little less than perfect flesh
She smells like dirty wine
I had a crush
I forgot her name
It was the common kind

She takes a drag and says to herself
This had better weigh
But she’s such a joke
A sucker, too
She’ll take it anyway

The way she barks you’d swear you heard
A junkyard girl
But her teeth are clean
And the streak is mean
Just like the curls

But junkyard girls
Those junkyard girls
Can’t loosen the chains around your feet
Track Name: The Outhouse
By Jerry Smith

The last time I saw you
Was at the wedding that took place
Next to an outhouse
Things get so much stranger in the deep south

If I could freeze you
The most perfect that you looked
Since I forgot you
In the back of the club where I rocked you
Made your eyes roll back in your head

Feeling the dirty
Smoke-filled mouth I tasted at the party
Wasn’t sure how I got that started
Too bad this night has to end
Track Name: Poleline
by Jerry Smith

The only thing I can see of you
Is the outline of your body in my best friend’s pool
You know that I think, I’ve been thinking of you
Too much to be healthy, too much to stay cool
Because, it’s August and I can hardly breathe
Because of the wet air and heavy degrees
I can tell by the way she walks out to the poleline

Where the girls who like to drink wear inappropriate skirts
And complain about mosquitoes
And I catch flashlights from the corner of my eye
I can tell it’s the one I invited
But she’s latched onto someone else
She’s someone else’s problem, someone else’s hell
But I can tell by the way she drinks we’re still going to happen
‘Cause it’s a long drunk walk home from the poleline

Now she’s latched onto my jean-jacket sleeve
And I found a dark path where no one will see
What we’re going to do on our way home from the poleline
On our long drunk walk home from the poleline
Track Name: Triple A
Triple A
By Jerry Smith

So, I’ve got a feeling
That I’ve got no reason
To go down this road
Go sort out the dealings
With the men who are stealing
The right to your soul

Alone is perfect together
A break down in bad weather
And a bottle of wine
I saw in a book of survival
That skin to skin contact, baby
Is the only way we’ll stay warm

So tell me how long is it going to take
To finish the paperwork
I got a plan and it’s going to make
You get up off the dirt
This time
Track Name: Grass Stains
By Jerry Smith

On the edge of the night I call you
“Hey, do you want to take a ride?”
You stumble over the cans from the evening before
You hit your stride

An hour late but you show up
Wearing high-boots, British sixties girl
You order bourbon on the rocks
I think that this chick knocks it right out of the park
But I don’t want to say it

All over the yard I rolled you
Into the hotel swimming pool
I’m sorry about the stains on your dress
From the grass

The big party’s almost over now, mama
Hit the powder room and fix yourself up
You order bourbon on the rocks
I think that this chick knocks it right out of the park
But I don’t want to say it